Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nameann hedonic
December 25, 2008   03:06 PM PST
ann and svengali soaking in bathtub, discussing quite what, ann doesn't remember.
ann: (smugly) some people are more equal than others.
svengali: (knowing smile) animal farm.
ann:(returns smile) yup.
svengali: you ever read that?
ann: (unflinching) yup.
svengali: (staring deep into ann's eyes) what was the name of Napoleon's foe?
ann: umm.
December 13, 2008   09:05 AM PST
I only ever read the back of cereal boxes and women's problem pages
December 13, 2008   01:30 AM PST
My boyfriend (before he was my boyfriend) told me he hated a book I recommended and only got through 15 pages. He said he read the same 15 pages about 15 times because he wanted to like it but it just wasn't working out. I think, even though it's a bit depressing, his honesty was a lot more appealing than him lying about reading the whole thing and saying he loved every bit.
J f Z
December 12, 2008   06:08 PM PST
DEEDA!!!! Did you read that book I sent you from Amazon? If you did't read it, you should just lie and read it now. Heh :)
J f Z
December 12, 2008   06:06 PM PST
I'm impressed when a hot chick says she reads PDFs buried deep within government archives. Well, honestly, I'm usually just happy to be speaking with a hot chick.

She could read comics, I'd still want to tap it.
December 12, 2008   10:34 AM PST
Lying about what I've read would only make my reading list less interesting. Which is to say, it might no longer cause women's eyes to glaze over in a savage bout of "wthell."
December 12, 2008   09:04 AM PST
I have no idea. I never lie about what I've read.

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