Deirdre » Happy Birthday!
Deirdre » Happy Birthday!
dave » Still missing
Wise » I miss you.
Wise » I miss you.
Deirdre » Was here.
Lucy » this is the nicest blog ever.
Deirdre » Hi Gloria.
IronBars » i almost couldn't find your blog cause it wasn't listed in the favorites anymore. but i did!
Deirdre » How's Glorialand?
Raj » hi veena
carlos » latinas?
carlos » hi kelly de donde eres
carlos » hi kelly
carlos » hi kelly
carlos » soy lindo y me gustas
manu » hello
ElvenSarah » Good to see some old friends still around
Halcyon » Eh, I'll get round to it someday, the current state of affairs si still preferable to visiting someone you've been drinking with in hospital
Halcyon » Sometimes they're secure. When they're asleep, probably, unless that;s when their father abuses them
Halcyon » Already messaged them
Halcyon » In an attempt to allow you to connect with people still active, you can actually search for people actiev in the last day and that also pus a little envelope next to their name so you know if you've
keithoe » Hi Gloria
Halcyon » Makes sure it's strawberry flavour soap
Gloria » Veena: Of course. Thanks!
Lord Dorian » Your blog seems quite interesting, Ii shall bookmark it to read at a later date and please, visit and read mine, I actually have 2 blogs but the other is with blogspot
veena » gloria? can i add you on my blog list? is it ok?
veena » hi... i like the simplicity beauty of your blog.. just droppin by
Gloria » Only when we ask nicely.
J f Z » Canada gets its own day?
Deirdre » Happy Canada Day!
Lucifer Scar » Nice blog
Halcyon » mmm, slimy hole
Isabelle » hey ; im a random n i need help. Do you know any sites that can help me with adding multiple pages and comments?
Deirdre » Have a great night, Gloria!
Deirdre » Lee, I'm buying you some soap for your filthy mouth.
Halcyon » as long as he doesn't try to fuck them she wotn get upset? but he wasn't trying to fuck the waitress and she went batshit. this plot has more holes than a colander
Deirdre » I'm bummed. Your word cloud is totally rockin and I can't get mine to function properly.
Halcyon » Book works with the shelves you have at home
Halcyon » you're offensive to cats
Halcyon » If only that tagger were more honest and said "visiting from
Halcyon » eat poop you cat
mas » visiting...... from
Halcyon » why is she disappointed? she *knows* it's just sex
Halcyon » Stop pushing the Hanners is crazy line, we get it, really we do....
Deirdre » Hi.
currency converter » Currency Rate Calculator widgets and gadgets are available as well as other ways to get updated with exchange rates.
currency converter » Currency Rate Calculator widgets and gadgets are available as well as other ways to get updated with exchange rates.
Sinja » How is your Ox so far, Gloxinia?
Halcyon » I'm upset, this has made isla fisher less attractive to me
Halcyon » I love how they ask why she isn't round his house, as if tehy're in a relationship rather than just havin occacional sex
Kelly » Happy Chinese New Year Gloria!!!
Halcyon » I have holes in my socks that are funnier than the last 2 QC strips
Halcyon » she's still pissed off at him for being what he's always been? how is this a story arc?
Halcyon » I want to go to sexicon eleven
KellyK » See you in 17 days for the "real" new year
KellyK » Happy New Year Gloria
Halcyon » He's been readin terry pratchett now
Halcyon » Dora now looks like a pint of guinness and this isn't cause for jocularity?
Halcyon » 14cm
Halcyon » I *am* Superhuman
Halcyon » "eh, i'ma bitch to deal with too so it's ok. we deserve each other" He's turned her into the crazy woman who thinks she's having a relationship with the local manwhore
Deirdre » Happy New Year, sweet thing.
Deirdre » I think Sinja should drop down to Caroline Street and get us some flowers!
Sinja » Thanks, Gloria Merry Christmas!
Deirdre » Merry Christmas, Gloria.
Caroline Street » I ordered my flowers from American Floral Distributors they arrived on time and are absolutely beautiful, I thank them so much!
Halcyon » <random shit joke from twitter>
Halcyon » need to stop reading QC, it's like bad sex, but without the sex
Halcyon » shortly thereafter, you will be raped
Halcyon » coldplay, killers and other bands you like...
TheAprilis » Just stopping by.
Halcyon » I think the drugs reference was a hint as to where he gets his plotlines
Halcyon » <a sordid tale
Halcyon » Go Fluvians!
Halcyon » QC; the peoples thoughts story arc wasn;t amazing and people are egtting tired of lesbian references, what can I do next? Iknow! tell people to take drugs!
Gloria » If you zoom in carefully, you can see Sinja crouching on the lawn, pretending he's a decorative gnome.
J f Z » I stalk G-funk with wikimapia.
Sinja » Thanks, Globocop! I'd say it's nice to see you again, but I was actually in your front yard nearly the entire time. So, it's been nice seeing you... NON STOP
Halcyon » Using fewer capital letters might be a good start
jane » cool blog, gloria....I WISH I KNEW HOW TO FORM A BLOG THAT PEOPLE COULD ACTULLY LOOK AT!!! ARRGH!! i'm only new! gee i wish i knew
jane » cool blog, gloria....I WISH I KNEW HOW TO FORM A BLOG THAT PEOPLE COULD ACTULLY LOOK AT!!! ARRGH!! i'm only new! gee i wish i knew
Halcyon » it's fake twice
Deirdre » Happy day to you.
pudge » Is this a trick question? Like which came first? The egg or the chicken?
Gloria » PUDGE! Where did you come from?
pudge » Awesome! All these years and I just now get to see what you look like! Beautiful!
Chicahuac » Woops! I deleted ur tag message cause it came up twice and I only deleted one but both are gone mean tag board
Chicahuac » Thank you Gloria!
Pani Antosha » LOVE the smoking makes the baby Jesus cry comment on your profile. I was once told girls swearing makes the Blessed Virgin Mary cry. Someone said I was crazy when I repeated it. Guess you heard it too
Chicahuac » Hi there, just poppin in to say hello as I'm the new kid on the block so tospeak nice place here.
Halcyon » <---Click!
Deirdre » (thank you)
Deirdre » Gloria! I was here. Awesome, huh?
Halcyon » Gay men?
Halcyon » ah, questionable content, if you still can;t write a good story, make lesbian references instead
Solender » yes. there is no happy ending other than growing up to be a beautiful swan, apparently. it isn't all fluffy feathers and cute waddling - ducklings have harsh social pressures to deal with.
FredJackson » Casa Noble Real Estate Financing Corp. is a Kelowna mortgage broker ready to help you with all your mortgage needs both in Kelowna and in the entire Okanagan Valley.
Sinja » Wtf? No more badger, Batman or "The End?"
Juliet » I think I'm here to stay for a while. I've been told I need to write more and so far, no thoughts have formed a cohesive short story yet, so back to my daily prose. It's a start.